COVID-19 Vaccination Centre at Croxteth Hall

Croxteth Hall (rear entry)

The COVID-19 Vaccination Centre at Croxteth Hall is open for appointments only. In most cases, you will be notified by your GP on when to book your appointment.

However, online bookings (currently for people aged 34 and over ONLY) can be made via the following link:

Current Opening Dates/Times

Please note, the COVID-19 Vaccination Centre at Croxteth Hall is open on the following days for confirmed appointments ONLY:

  • Tuesday 22 June, 7am-6pm
  • Friday 25 June, 7am-2pm
  • Tuesday 29 June, 7am – 6pm
  • Friday 2 July, 7am-2pm
  • Tuesday 6 July, 7am-6pm
  • Friday 9 July, 7am-2pm
  • Tuesday 13 July, 7am-6pm
  • Friday 16 July, 7am-2pm
  • Tuesday 20 July, 7am-6pm
  • Friday 23 July, 7am-2pm
  • Tuesday 27 July, 7am-6pm
  • Friday 30 July, 7am-2pm
  • Tuesday 3 August, 7am-6pm
  • Friday 6 August, 7am-2pm
  • Tuesday 10 August, 7am-6pm
  • Friday 13 August, 7am-2pm
  • Tuesday 17 August, 7am-6pm
  • Friday 20 August, 7am-2pm
  • Tuesday 24 August, 7am-6pm
  • Friday 27 August, 7am-2pm
  • Tuesday 31 August, 7am-6pm
  • Friday 3 September, 7am-2pm
  • Tuesday 7 September, 7am-6pm
  • Friday 10 September, 7am-2pm
  • Tuesday 14 September, 7am-6pm
  • Thursday 16 September, 7am-2pm
  • Tuesday 21 September, 7am-6pm
  • Friday 24 September, 7am-2pm
  • Tuesday 28 September, 7am-6pm
  • Friday 1 October, 7am-2pm
  • Tuesday 5 October, 7am-6pm
  • Friday 8 October, 7am-2pm
  • Tuesday 12 October, 7am-6pm
  • Friday 15 October, 7am-2pm
  • Tuesday 19 October, 7am-6pm
  • Friday 22 October, 7am-2pm
  • Tuesday 26 October, 7am-6pm
  • Friday 29 October, 7am-2pm

*Please note, all of the above dates have been made at the discretion of the NHS and are subject to change. As and when we have been supplied with information on any future revised dates, this page will be updated.

Useful Information

Access to the COVID-19 Vaccination Centre at Croxteth Hall is via the rear entry (as pictured above – there is also signage in place to direct people).

Blue Badge holders ONLY will have access to the car park situated off Croxteth Hall Lane L12 0HB (Blue Badge MUST be presented to gain access). Spaces are limited.

We also advise patients who are getting a lift/being dropped off to arrive via the car park listed above. Patients will then be able to navigate their way to the rear entry of Croxteth Hall using the directional signage on site. This is just a short walk away.

All other parking must take place at the public car park, situated on Muirhead Avenue East, Oak Lane, L11 1EH. Please note, spaces are limited.

Please note: We are aware that some NHS documentation has referred to the the Vaccination Centre at Croxteth Hall being situated in the public car park. This, however is NOT the case – please refer to the above information for all correct details.

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