We’re Good To Go

We are delighted to announce that we have been approved as Good To Go – that is, we are a #Covid19 safe venue.

Good To Go – what does it mean?

At the moment, Croxteth Hall remains closed (apart from pre-booked tours) due to the current situation in relation to coronavirus (Covid-19). Alongside the other City Halls in Liverpool (St George’s Hall and Liverpool Town Hall) we are following Government guidelines to remain closed. However, we have been approved as Good to Go and are currently finalising preparations for us to be able to re-open again. We want all of our visitors to know that our highest priority is the health, safety, and welfare of our visitors, staff, and guests at the Hall.

With this in mind, we have, like everyone else, made some changes to the way we work at Croxteth Hall and Country Park. You may have already noticed some of these changes in the Country Park if you have visited us recently. Businesses that operate in the grounds of the Hall, including Croxteth Farm, Myerscough College and the Riding Centre are all adapting and making changes to the way they work and we ask that you are patient with each of the teams and staff across the grounds as we all learn a new way of working together.

What can you expect on your visit?

When you visit us at the Hall, you may notice some changes – this is due to our new visitor protocol which we now have in place. This involves new cleaning and disinfection procedures, while we have increased our attention to safety in communal areas and you may notice staff wearing protective equipment and undergoing training on your visit.

Our new protocols describe specific processes and measures that are designed to make you feel safe and confident that we are taking all precautions when you visit us at Croxteth Hall and Country Park.

When you visit you may notice:

  • Physical distancing is possible in all areas and facilities in Croxteth Hall and the surrounding Country Park. We have social distancing measures throughout the Hall and grounds with floor stickers, queue guidelines, and one-way flow systems to help.
  • You might notice that some tables and chairs have been removed from the café and other public areas, this is to help everyone keep to the safe social distancing guidelines. There are still plenty of public benches around the grounds and we have not removed any benches with personal plaques.
  • Inside the Hall, there are alcohol-based hand sanitiser stations which are available for visitors entering the Hall on tours.
  • We have increased cleaning and disinfection of all areas throughout the Hall and grounds with our team paying special attention to busy areas and items like door handles and the play area.
  • Before any events take place in the Hall, all areas will have gone through a rigorous cleaning and disinfecting process. We have increased how often we clean and disinfect areas and this will continue throughout your visit and during any events.
  • In order to improve air quality at the Hall, you may notice that we are keeping, where possible, external doors and windows open to increase the air circulation and quality within the Hall.
  • If possible, please use cash-free payment if you are visiting the Hall and attractions on the grounds.
  • The café is currently closed but when it re-opens, all food and beverages will follow strict food safety procedures
  • If you are planning an event in the Hall or the grounds, please be aware that we will undertake an event-specific Covid-19 Risk Assessment so that we can be confident your event will be delivered safely.
  • You might notice the staff undergoing additional training. All our staff have been provided with hygiene and prevention training but our managers are working with the team to make sure everyone is confident and comfortable with the new measures in place.
  • We will only be using accredited suppliers who have robust Covid-19 prevention policies. From now on, a Covid-19 risk assessment and safety policy are compulsory for all our event suppliers.
  • If you are attending an event at the Hall or any of the attractions, please be aware that you will need to pre-register for tickets so that we can carefully manage capacity and that we can correctly and effectively use track and trace. We will only keep any personal details for track and trace for two weeks only. Please see our privacy policy if you have any concerns or view the NHS Track and Trace Privacy Policy.