Teaching Resources

We have a range of teaching resources which are available to download for free. These resources provide additional information to help with planning your visit.

We are continuously adding to these teaching resources, so please check back regularly for the latest updates.

  • Architecture of Croxteth Hall: Highlighting the 400 year development of Croxteth Hall from its Tudor origins to the present day.
  • The Molyneux Family: Your guide to the family of the Earls of Sefton.
  • The Paintings of Croxteth Hall: A guide to all the paintings in the Hall.  The collection is of typical ‘country house’ paintings – portraits of the family, landscapes, racehorses and farm livestock.  The Hall features many paintings by Richard Ansdell, an artist favoured by the 3rd Earl of Sefton.
  • Teachers Notes – History Detectives: Designed to accompany a History Detectives visit in the Classroom, providing information to accompany the objects on display for interactive play.
  • Pupil Worksheet – History Detectives: An learning resource for pupils to draw and describe objects in the classroom.
  • Mr Barham’s Diary: A Walled Garden workbook (Keystage 2)
  • Walled Garden Map: A simple ‘period look’ map of the Victorian Walled Garden which is useful for ‘colouring in’ or marking plants or objects of interest.
  • Games Box:Great for some outdoor play on the lawns, this games box is complete with an assortment of games – parachute, bats balls, etc – perfect for outdoor play.
  • Park Map A: Not to scale but drawn and labelled to show Croxteth Park’s features and attractions (Isometric projection/Birds Eye view).
  • Park Map B: A complete map of Croxteth Park, drawn to scale (NB best printed out A3 size).
  • Historic Country Estate walk: Aversion of Map A, with a route from Croxteth Hall and back, showing some of the historic features of the old estate. Distance approx. ??? Walk time approx. ????
  • River Alt Trail: A ‘loop route’ walk through the countryside of Croxteth Park, along the banks of the River Alt.  Distance approx. ??? Walk time approx. ????
  • Orienteering Map A: A map drawn to Orienteering Club design, showing the location of marker posts around the park.  Each has a code, which should be recorded to show…?